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An information network for the fishing industry

Exploitable results

INFOMAR brings state-of-the-art information technology to the service of Europe's fresh seafood production and trading infrastructure. We develop tools to let key players share information and trade over the Internet, so that information can flow electronically from vessel to buyer, and markets can link to form networks. INFOMAR provides three basic tools called FishCast, FishTrade and FishCatch. FishCast is an electronic information service, allowing markets to provide supply and price data over the Internet. FishTrade gives professionals the opportunity to purchase fish through markets around Europe even though the produce might be on a vessel still at sea. It is primarily a mediation system, allowing the market-maker to make trading agreements over the Internet, and setting up sophisticated trading algorithms and parameters so that the mediation process can be automated. FishCatch allows vessels at sea to communicate securely with their agents and markets, so that they can participate in FishCast and FishTrade. The advantages of operating in this way are numerous, but perhaps the most positive by-product of INFOMAR will be improved market stability. With advance supply data, buyers can plan their purchases days in advance, thus avoiding the wild swings in price that are common in relatively isolated, local markets. And as participation from remote buyers means that demand will be distributed over a wide geographical area, the net result will be higher value at less volatile prices, a fact that can only lead to the more efficient use of a valuable natural resource. The INFOMAR products are now being rolled-out - our pilot sites are Ijmuiden in the Netherlands, Quimper in France and Ostende in Belgium, with possibly another site in the UK. Markets and vessels across Europe will thus be able to try this new trading concept and see how it benefits their operations. Project URL: