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Content archived on 2019-04-15

European pedagogical ICT Licence


The ePICT project was based on a professional, high-quality development programme run successfully at a national level for teachers from a small-language area. In this context, the ePICT project proposed to localise the original version into a flexible and open, generic, European version. In parallel, ePICT localised this Web-based service for in-service teacher training in Italy, Greece and the Czech Republic.

With a total number of more than 58,000 teachers and educators participating in this development programme, the conceptual framework has had a major impact in two countries: Denmark (since 1999) and Norway (since 2002).

The pilot test of the Pedagogical ICT Licence in Italy, Greece and the Czech Republic and the subsequent adjustments to syllabus and methodology improved the viability of the concept immensely in a European context.

The conceptual framework for the generic, European Pedagogical ICT Licence served as a basis for the formation of a European project team, which aimed to extend its activities in Europe. This process opened up an excellent opportunity to combine well-documented and tested content and delivery with profound knowledge of context and the community addressed.

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UNI.C - Danish IT Centre for Education and Research
Olof Palmes Alle, 38
8200 Aarhus N

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Participants (5)

Centre for Multimedia and Educational Technology - ELTE - Faculty of Sciences of Eötvös University
Pazmany P. Stny, 1/a - Floor 7
1117 Budapest

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House for International Services Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Senovážné Námestí, 26
110 06 Praha 1

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Lambrakis Research Foundation
Chr. Lada Str, 3
102 37 Athens

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Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports State ICT Policy Section
Karmelitska, 7
118 12 Praha 1

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University of Genova
Via All'opera Pia, 13
16145 Genova

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