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Nanomist for fire suppression and explosion mitigation

Final Activity Report Summary - NANOMIST (Nanomist for fire suppression and explosion mitigation)

Numerical models were developed and validated for simulating the interaction between fine watermist and fire and propagating flames in explosions. The models were applied to predict the distribution characteristics of micromist in both fully and semi-enclosed enclosures.

The model applications examined the interaction between propagating flames in explosions and the micromist. Additional applications, elaborated together with the industrial partner British petroleum (BP), focused on the effect of watermist on fire suppression in offshore environment. Several case studies were conducted to examine the effect of droplet sizes, wind and application rates.

A literature survey was also performed on experimental work of watermist for fire suppression. The work led to the donation of a micromist generator from BP to the UK host, which was set up with the view to expand the host's work on numerical modelling to the experimental testing of micromist for fire suppression and explosion control.