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Bureau for EU-Mexican Science and Technology Cooperation – Step II


The project proposes to support the bilateral political dialogue initiated by the S&T Agreement’s Joint Steering Committee, providing follow up and continuity to the efforts carried out by the UEMEXCyT Office as well as improving the channels of communication and partnership between Mexico and EU Member States. In this context, it is important to open the project to a larger consortium composed not only of CONACyT, its coordinator, but also institutions from five EU Member States with which Mexico enjoys important bilateral cooperation programmes in science and technology, notably Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Austria. The long-standing experience of the partners in international S&T cooperation, in particular in a number of completed, ongoing and upcoming cooperation projects under FP6 or FP7, and proven experience of previous cooperation, is one of the major success factors for the project, which will guarantee the necessary closer coordination between EU and Member States for ensuring an efficient use of instruments and resources, and a better focus on specific objectives. The project concept of the second phase of the Bureau for EU-Mexican Science and Technology Cooperation (UEMEXCYT II) will focus on the following main issues: • Setting up a consolidated dialogue between the major stakeholders in Mexico and the EU responsible for the EU-Mexican S&T Cooperation (CONACYT, Mexican Thematic FP7 Contacts, Member States Ministries and NCPs, Commission Services, coordination and support actions such as the INCONET with Latin America, the ERA-NET for Latin America, LAC-ACCESS, etc) • Evaluating past, present and future collaborations between Mexico and European Union in the S&T sector and proposing ways of optimizing the rules and instruments; • Raising awareness, links and training on specific issues; • Generating partnership opportunities between scientific and technological communities from both sides; • Improving the visibility of existing results

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