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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Plasma-assisted catalysis for the removal of volatile organic compounds from waste streams and the reforming of hydrocarbons


The suitability of technique of plasma-assisted catalysis for the destruction of pollutants in waste gas streams and for the reforming of hydrocarbons into higher value fuels and feedstocks will be investigated. Both techniques have been shown to be successful in achieving these goals but it is anticipated that the synergy of combining these two techniques will bring about benefits in terms of enhanced energy efficiency and more sustainable solutions to current environmental problems which are more than t he sum of the individual components and one aim of the project is to gain a fundamental understanding of this synergy particularly at a molecular level. Spectroscopic methods will be employed to determine the full range of end products for the plasma remediation together with complete characterisation of catalyst materials.

This information will be used to extend our computer-based modelling of plasma processing by incorporating the effects of catalytic surfaces on the chemistry. This will identify the key processes involved in plasma-assisted catalysis allowing us to develop fundamental molecular mechanisms via the modelling that can be used both in an interpretative and predictive mode.

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