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Health in Times of Transition: Trends in Population Health and Health Policies in CIS Countries


Goal: To understand long-term trends of population health as a consequence of socio-economic transitions, with a focus on lifestyle-related issues. Overviews: A unique team with extensive expertise in health effects of transition will generate new knowledge on health determinants in 11 CIS countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. It employs a model of health determinants acting at individual and societal level, with distal and proximal influences on health. It focuses on alcohol, tobacco, diet, and health care, each linked to diseases specified in the call. Objectives: a) measure and explain prevalence and distribution of risk factors, health outcomes, and their social, cultural, and economic determinants; b) develop and implement validated community profiles to capture the opportunities and obstacles to leading a healthy lifestyle (in relation to diet, alcohol, smoking); c) assess health system performance, focussing on accessibility and quality of health services; d) quantify the cost of ill health through reduced labour supply and productivity; e) identify opportunities for and obstacles to policy change (alcohol and tobacco) in Russia: f) market analysis (alcohol & tobacco); g) regional analysis of alcohol -related mortality in Ukraine. Methods (corresponding to objectives): a) Large scale household surveys, multiple regressions; b&c) Rapid appraisal using structured observation, mapping, media analysis, interviews, focus groups d) econometric modelling (instrumental variables) e) stakeholder analyses f) econometrics g) multivariate analysis Finally, the project will bring concrete benefits by influencing policy in ways that will support health by: · disseminating findings within each country and to EU policymakers and international researchers; · identifying policy implications based upon informed research.

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