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Co-operative multidimensional multimedia topological elements reintegration


Public administrations are using highly distributed information and data for purposes of ensuring public security, citizen comfort and city management in general. They have a wide range of data bases containing, statistical Geo-referenced data. Such information and data is of paramount importance. It is essential that it is maintained and kept up-to-date.

Many European public authorities are demanding a new type of system which can provide a distributed and co-operative update management of Geo-related information, and, at the same time giving a secure continuity to legacy departmental systems. This new demand of GIS services in standard information system is going to create a new series of Geo-technology. Existing data base update solutions are vendor dependent underlying relational database system giving access to proprietary repository.

In this context the goal of the project is develop software services to support integration of Geo-data transformations and to support transactions that can be executed by remote distributed servers in a transparent way and to demonstrate and assess the usability of the system. For this purpose, four user organisations (from France, Italy and Germany) are directly participating in this project. They have been chosen because as representative sample of this business sector concerning the size (due to large volume of information and data that are dealt with), and geographical coverage. It will enable continuity of office databases, avoid users manually transferring data between their workplace and the central data bases office and enhance the use of updated information.

COMMUTER services are realised on the top of the following: information access and retrieval, exploration enabling, real-time or differed-time updating and feedback-generation, monitoring and process management.

The technical approach of the project consists of three phases. Phase 1 is devoted to the specification of user requirements, system design and the design of three applications for Geo-related data update. They will be land registry information, network information, environmental information handling. In phase 2 the project will design and develop tools for user interface, underlying services for updating Geo-related data (respectively semantic references, data history, cartographic data) in connected target systems. Phase 3 of the project will implement three applications and validate them in a real setting. It will be concerned with practicality, user acceptance, reliability and extendibility.
The impact of project to the European Industry is twofold:

- Interoperability of software components in a distributed environment (DBMS and GIS) to standardise processes and interfaces. This is crucial for the players in the European GIS arena which is a niche and dynamic market serving national needs.
- Transformation and Transaction Management Language specification represent a big step towards standardisation for data transfers across national and organisational boundaries in Europe.

COMMUTER will deliver a Geo-data update management system. It will be a distributed framework to change visual cartographic repositories, when managed by several actors in parallel. Technology providers can exploit both the software tools for implementing data update solutions for geographic data, data history and semantic references in a secured way and also the innovative methods regarding data bases update management process for providing value added technical assistance. Four user partners can exploit the applications and can benefit from sharing data, knowledge and resources of updated information.

Industrial partners aim to exploit the project results. They are co-operating in the development of software components specific to the needs of Public Administration. The project users group, already list several hundred installation. There is an agreement with the central headquarters to install the infrastructure in all local offices as soon as software solutions are available.


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