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Studies, conferences and coordination actions supporting policy development, including international cooperation, for e-Infrastructures

The purpose of the 6DEPLOY project is to support the deployment of IPv6 in (i) e-Infrastructure environments, thereby improving the use of existing research infrastructures for all fields of science and technology, (ii) FP7 projects, (iii) developing countries (Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe), and (iv) more-commercial environments in Europe.6DEPLOY exploits the expertise and high quality training material from the 6DISS project, including presentations, the e-learning course and 2 testbeds that can be accessed remotely. Whilst continuing to offer basic training to organisations in Europe and developing countries it focuses on supporting real IPv6 deployments. It will maintain and update the 6DISS material and include new training media, and multiply its training effectiveness through courses which educate other trainers about the basics of IPv6, so that they can teach others ("training trainers").The outreach to European industries and researchers and giving practical support for deployments are the 2 key new services offered by 6DEPLOY. Developing regions (in Europe and abroad) are often the early adopters of IPv6, given that they have less legacy IPv4 networks installed. Requests have already been received through contacts made in 6DISS for supporting deployments in a 16-site University campus in Argentina, and in less developed regions such as Colombia and Nigeria. These Case Studies will be used to gain valuable practical experience which will be brought back to support deployments within EC e-Infrastructure projects. The 6DEPLOY team will become the centre of European expertise regarding IPv6 deployment.This expertise will also be used to support more-commercial deployments in Europe, in industry branches such as Emergency Services, Health, Broadcast, Transport, Schools, Environment, Gaming, etc. These sectors will be reached through our contacts with other EC projects, IPv6 Task Forces and the EvanIPv6 Association.

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