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Platform for an inter-working of embedded localisation and communication systems

Project description

Networked Embedded and Control Systems

The project aims a seamless connectivity and inter-working of embedded localisation and communication systems through a new platform – the LocON Platform. To maintain large infrastructures like airports more efficient, flexible, secure and easier is the main impact – thus LocON is targeting the following objectives:
•\tto integrate a hardware/software platform including the middleware for heterogeneous short range embedded localisation and communication technologies focusing on seamless connectivity, scalability, coexistence and inter-working
•\tto implement the satellite based localisation and wireless communication based on Sensor Networks and on standards like WLAN, WIMAX, GSM, UMTS, TETRA.
•\tto implement a control system with new engineering approaches that ensure efficient, robust, predictable, safe and secure behaviour for the large scale infrastructure airport (e.g.: Controlling the luggage in an airport, controlling the staff, control of heating and ventilation depending on sensor data and amount (energy saving!))
•\tto increase the predictable connectivity and QoS awareness of position information for the end user
•\tto demonstrate the results and benefits in the large scale infrastructure of an airport with strong security requirements, but also to exploit the results into other application domains like private/home/building, nomadic and manufacturing with the goal of a more efficient, flexible, secure, easier to maintain and more productive large infrastructures
•\tand finally to bring together all the main key players in the European short range localisation market and to begin a standardisation on European level.
The main objective of LocON is to create and to develop a platform as well as the middleware for short range embedded localisation technologies enabling a broader access to the market, from the European point of view.
LocON is a completely new approach and new system design.

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