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Extend FRAMEwork architecture for cooperative systems

Project description

ICT for Cooperative Systems

The E-FRAME project will provide support for the creation of inter-operable and scalable Cooperative Systems throughout the European Union. It will provide a centre of knowledge that is commercially and politically neutral, and which serves everyone's long term interests. The project will extend the European ITS Framework (FRAME) Architecture to include Cooperative Systems, show how it can be used to develop and implement Cooperative Systems throughout member states or regions, and provide one-to-one advice and guidance to nations, regions and projects.The project will start from the architecture work that has already been undertaken by the current Cooperative System integrated projects, and the combined set of User Needs that is currently being produced. The FRAME Architecture will then be extended to include the applications and services being considered by these integrated projects and thus provide a common language with which to describe them. This will be updated later with inputs from other Cooperative System projects. The project will then use the Extended FRAME Architecture to create Physical and Communication Viewpoints to show how these applications and services could be deployed in an ITS Architecture for Cooperative Systems. It will also show how sub-sets can be used to describe the integrated project Test Site demonstrators in a common manner.Standards are needed to ensure compatibility, and the ITS Architecture for Cooperative Systems will be used to study the likely standardisation requirements, and create a set of recommendations for the appropriate organisations.The project will add to the existing guidance on using the FRAME Architecture by producing Deployment and Organisational Models for Cooperative Systems. It will also provide a Help Desk, Seminars and Workshops to those national, regional, Euro-regional or EC projects that wish to know how to apply the Extended FRAME Architecture to develop their plans for Cooperative Systems.

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Warwick Lodge, Main Street, Towton
LS24 9PB Tadcaster
United Kingdom

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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Peter Jesty (Mr.)
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