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Thin Interconnected Package Stacks


The flexibility of flex circuits

Author(s): #N/D

Thermo-mechanical analysis of flexible and stretchable systems

Author(s): Olaf van der Sluis; P.H.M. Timmermans; Jan Vanfleteren; Frederick Bossuyt; Francois Iker; Mario Gonzalez; Bart Vandevelde; Wim Christiaens; Yung-Yu Hsu
Published in: IEEE ISBN: 9781424470273 2010
Permanent ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1109/esime.2010.5464566; Handle:1854/LU-1071525

Module miniaturization by ultra thin package stacking

Author(s): Andreas Ostmann; Swarnakamal Priyabadini; Wim Christiaens; Jan Vanfleteren; Kristof Dhaenens; Thomas Loher; David Schutze
Published in: IEEE 2010
Permanent ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1109/estc.2010.5642949