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Development of Serbian Network of Mobility Centers

Final Report Summary - SER-MORE (Development of Serbian Network of Mobility Centers)

Executive summary:
SER-MORE project (Development of Serbian Network of Mobility Centers, FP7 People) is carried out in period of September, 2008 – September, 2011, with objective to establish a national EURAXESS infrastructure in Republic of Serbia and to join the EURAXESS pan-European initiative, supported by 37 countries. Project was coordinated by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of University of Nis (where the Center for Coordination of the national EURAXESS network is located) and carried out by Universities in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Nis, Faculty of Information Technology and Ministry for education and science of Government of Republic of Serbia. Main goals of the project were:
- to develop a network of EURAXESS Service centers which provide the services to mobile researchers
- to develop an information platform – portal, intended to be used by the mobile researchers; and
- to promote the network and to spread awareness on the importance of mobility for researchers’ career development.
Work of the project was structured into 3 main topics: network establishment and capacity building (including training); national EURAXESS portal and; promotion (including production of informative material). During three years of the project timeline, the activities in three topics above were continuously supported through the project management and strategy steering infrastructure.
Currently, national EURAXESS network consists of 5 service centres, established at Universities of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis and Kragujevac and Faculty of Information Technology. In addition, 50 faculties and research institutes joined the network by signing the Declaration of Commitment and by nominating a Local Contact Point (LCP). In period of January 2009 – Jun 2011, network members processed a total of 211 inquiries. Majority of inquiries was related to financing of mobility, followed by issues of employment opportunities and entry conditions / visas. The staff of EURAXESS service centers was trained to deliver services in two occasions. In addition, each of the service centres organized a local workshop for the LCPs.
Provision of the services is supported by the information platform – national EURAXESS portal. National EURAXESS portal publishes information about EURAXESS network in Europe and Serbia, European Charter for researchers and Code for employers, FP7 People program and other relevant information, namely, projects, initiatives, events, etc. Also, portal offers services of online searching of jobs and fellowships for researchers in Europe, as well as online searching of the database of Serbian scientific and research institutions. In the period of the SER-MORE project, portal was visited 31.000 times, by approx. 22.000 visitors (62% from Serbia, 38% from rest of the world), with approx. 100.000 page views (3.3. per visit).
Finally, a wide range of the promotional activities was carried out. Promotion included organization of the Info Days (10 events, with more than 500 participants), international promotion (international workshops in Romania, B&H, Greece, etc.), media conferences (3) and media releases (3), newsletters (16), TV shows and interviews, organization of the Mobility Day event and online promotional activities. The promotional assets included leaflets, posters, promotional film, representative promotional material, Serbian researchers’ mobility guide (2 editions).