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High performance electronic systems design network


The specialised electronics business is a high technology endeavour where a unique and highly complex product must be designed and optimised while using sophisticated ESD and simulation tools, a long chain of suppliers, customers and silicon foundries and the many constraints of the global open market. The proposed project intends to implement on a small scale a distributed working environment, based on high performance networking infrastructure readily available, i.e. Primary Rate ISDN and ATM switching. The distributed environment will comprise of the main manufacturing facility, the suppliers chain and the various specialised design teams. The objective will be to demonstrate, on the basis of an existing design and production contract for a telecommunications product, the benefits associated with the use of HPN in the area of Electronic System Design. The project will use existing commercial or beta tools for distributed simulation, modelling and design, on a common ESD platform exploiting the ISDN services for European level connectivity and ATM services for current in-house and prospective broadband connectivity.

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