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CAMPUS, the Centre for Advanced Management, Projects and Utility Studies is an initiative to set up an internationally recognised European educational facility to encourage industrial excellence through the application of technology, the carrying out of research and the promotion of multidisciplinary approaches to problem solving .

The action aims to install a focal point for the development of managerial and enterprise talent and would create an establishment uniquely adapted to the exploitation of ideas, theories and manufacturing technology to contribute to Europe's pursuit of industrial efficiency and effectiveness in the face of global competition. IT which underlies so much of business and manufacturing efficiency would have found a vehicle for the rapid dissemination and exploitation of research results within a very dynamic environment. A further step towards the development of the Information Society would have been taken by instituting a facility where research and experimentation into the application of all facets of IT can be performed, whilst the skills needed by the working public can be examined and improved through the provision of short, practical training.

The action will bring about an installation where small and medium sized enterprises would operate in great physical proximity to first class academic and professional resources with access to the latest developments in product and process technology. The interaction of the resources is expected to provide high levels of synergy both in problem solving for immediate applications and training 'seeding' experts who would be able to carry know-how into other areas.

By integrating into one location production capacity, research laboratories, management faculties and retraining facilities with access to the latest technologies, it is planned to confront problems of industrial competitivity and hence unemployment through deriving and implementing strategies for life long learning in an appropriate environment. This approach may lead to a model which could be applied elsewhere in Europe.

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