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Next generation colour electroluminescent displays

Exploitable results

ELDISP has developed next generation colour electroluminescent (EL) flat panel displays for industrial and specific consumer applications. It has also created the technology and pilot manufacturing capacity for the production of these new displays. The EL displays are cost-effective, high-performance and are based on the filtered concept with broadband white-light-emitting phosphors. The main achievements are the development of a 4.8" quarter VGA display for graphic applications and a Small Graphic Display (SGD) especially for transportation and outdoor applications. The feasibility of new high-density interconnection techniques for small-size EL displays was also evaluated during the project. The products that were developed in this project aim at several different market segments. The potential of the colour QVGA displays has been reviewed especially in the medical, point-of-sale and transportation field. The Small Graphic Display (SGD) is aimed at the automotive and transportation market, where there is an increased need for a display of this size and resolution, either in the instrument cluster or in the centre console. This type of display shows navigation information as well as motor and other driver information.