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Minimal Surfaces in 3-manifolds

Final Report Summary - MSI3M (Minimal Surfaces in 3-manifolds)

Dr Baris Coskunuzer, the researcher in charge of the project EU-FP7 IRG 226062 (acronym MSI3M), wishes to express his gratitude to the European Commission for their support on his research.

Project objectives

In this project, the principal investigator (PI) suggested to work on five problems in the fields of geometric topology and differential geometry. While some of the problems are very old, and any partial results would be an important contribution to the field, the others are very up-to-date, and close to the current interest. The problems are the following:
1. Embedded plateau problem;
2. Hyperbolic 3-manifolds with minimal foliation:
3. Universal cover problem;
4. Intersections of least area planes in hyperbolic space;
5. Properly embedded least area planes in hyperbolic 3-space.

Work performed and main results

The PI got substantial results on the problems mentioned above, and published these results in very respectable journals such as American Journal of Mathematics, International Mathematics Research Notices (IMRN), Transactions of the American Mathematical Society and Communications in Contemporary Mathematics. The PI had seven publications and two preprints during the project; the complete list is given in the publications section.
You can reach the contents of the publications at the following webpage:

On the other hand, during this period, the PI was invited to give talks at many prestigious universities and conferences, such as Princeton University, Cambridge University, University of Texas at Austin, Yale University (detailed list given in Dissemination Activities section).


The PI was involved in many activities through organising, participating, and giving talks at various workshops and conferences in Turkey. He was invited to give talks at many prestigious universities and conferences in the EU and USA. Also, he hosted important researchers of the field in Turkey. He supervised four graduate students during the project. Via these activities, the PI has been able to transfer his knowledge and experience to Turkey and EU successfully. You can find the details of these activities in the Dissemination Activities section.