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The Aalborg Commitments were adopted by the delegates to the June 2004 Aalborg+10 Conference with the intention that these clearly targeted actions will support European local governments in their implementation of the Aalborg Charter agreed at the 1994 Aalborg Conference. The initial commitment by signatory local governments is to undertake a baseline review within 12 months and then to enter into a local target-setting process in consultation with citizens and stakeholders in order to develop within 24 months a local programme of action under the ten Commitment themes. The evolution of the Aalborg process has been taking place at the same time as the European Commission has been preparing the Urban Thematic Strategy (UTS). This is one of seven Thematic Strategies, which together comprise the European Community's 6th Environment Action Programme. The EU has agreed that the theme of sustainable development should underpin all EU actions and this, therefore, is the key organising principle for the UTS.

The SSP Fourth Call for Proposals outlines the following the core objective for 3.5. Task 5 as the 'Development of a set of guidelines and tools for signatories to the Aalborg +10 Commitments agreed in June 2004' ACTOR will therefore have as its principal aim the development of a web-based innovative Toolkit, and a Training Package to support and assist Aalborg Commitments signatories to make efficient and effective progress. This Toolkit will include a comprehensive package of materials that can be provided to new towns and cities once they have signed the Commitments In association with the Toolkit, the project will involve the design of Training Package on the methodology and operationalisation of the Aalborg Commitments. The Project will actively involve Signatory local authorities and the European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign Networks in developing and testing the Toolkit and Training Package.

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