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Computer supported co-co-operative construction management

Exploitable results

The CSCCM project redesigns the bid preparation process in the building industry and demonstrates how modern information and communication technologies can be applied in typical small and medium sized enterprises (SME) for optimizing the key success factors costs, time and quality and thus increasing their competitiveness. The project develops a software system for bid preparation, which addresses SMEs in the construction industry like for example, tile layers, brick layers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, small construction companies, or manufacturers of natural stones. The CSCCM system supports the key activities in bid preparation like capturing of customer inquiry, definition of the product or service, calculation of the bid price, and compiling of the bid document. Specific attention is given to the support of co-operation in the supply chain, by providing a communication module for price inquiries based on different communication means like fax, email or engineering data interchange (ED)I. The CSCCM system is in usage at three pilot sites: Baldauf, an Austrian tile laying company, uses the system for answering to private inquires and public calls for tender in the tile laying sector. Cogemar, an Italian manufacturer of marble and granite, prepares bids for selling and cutting of stones. Stadlbauer, an Austrian wholesaler, uses a downsized version of CSCCM for answering to electronic price inquires. Being a non-profitable process per se, bid preparation is a specific area calling for improvement. The CSCCM system supports this improvement by significantly reducing the time needed for preparing bids. It supports the reuse of existing bid data, provides immediate access to bid statistics and eases communication with suppliers.