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South Moravian Programme for Distinguished Researchers


In 2007, the Region of South Moravia provided two ad hoc grants for the regional Masaryk University, which enables the university to host two high level foreign researchers. With the emergence of COFUND it was suggested to create a regional funding scheme to support transnational mobility of researchers in the whole region. The funding scheme will build on high technological standard and high quality research of the region and will aim at advancing the quality by increasing international migration of human resources in science and technology which was up till now quite low particularly due to insufficient financial resources. Increase in internationalization of the regional research will bring new contacts, knowledge and technologies and will help to boost efficiency of the research activities. The main aim of the proposed fellowship programme is to build on other regional activities and projects in the field of R&D and innovation and enhance their effect by: a/ attracting top-class foreign researchers to work and undertake research training in the region from 1 to 3 years, with a view to developing mutually-beneficial research co-operation. b/ provide financial assistance to researchers who wish to return and find a job in the region after they have worked in research in a Third country for at least three years. The duration of these grants will be from 1 to 3 years. The SoMoPro programme will provide career development and training for fellows. The coordinator of the fellowship programme shall be the Region of South Moravia which shall appoint the South Moravian Centre for International Mobility to be in charge of certain parts of the administration of the fellowship programme.

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Region of South Moravia
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Cenek Absolon (Mr.)

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Libuše Chládková (Ms.)