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Platform for Integration of Trans regional Energy R&D activities

Periodic Report Summary - PITER (Platform for integration of trans regional energy R&D activities)

PITER is a Franco-Italian cooperative project funded by FP7 - ROK which partners are Region Rhone-Alpes as coordinator, Regione Piemonte, the two clusters Tenerrdis and Environment Park and Alma Consulting Group as project management consultancy.

PITER aims to develop a proposal for a 'joint action plan' on renewable energies which will define a systemic approach covering environmental, economic, technological, political and social factors. The idea is to focus efforts on research, technological and industrial development to reduce CO2 emissions, strengthen the emerging renewable energy market, encourage the development of clean technologies and improve quality of life by creating new jobs and reducing health problems. PITER aims to participate in the economic development of the two regions Rhone-Alpes and Piemonte.

PITER also endeavours to promote and strengthen cooperation between the two regional clusters - Tenerrdis in France and Environment Park in Italy - by comparing how the clusters currently operate and by encouraging common learning.

A comparative analysis of the two clusters and regions has been achieved, producing a benchmark and identifying their good practices so that their complementary skills and know-how can be put to best use. The partners participated in the creation of an advisory board having a consulting function dedicated to support the activities of the consortium.

Next phase of the project will be interviews with research laboratories, businesses and regional authorities. One of PITER's goals is to map active competencies in the regions on renewable energies on R&D, industrial and institutional sides. This activity aims to provide partners sound and direct information on the ongoing actions in the cross-border territory in order to be able to design a joint action plan with due and concrete fallouts before the end of 2010.

In the framework of Uniamo le Energie held in Turin in October 2009, a PITER promotional campaign has been conducted with the distribution of leaflets and the presentation of the project during the 'Energy forum'. In order to communicate to other European regions, PITER's partners organised their first thematic international seminar in Brussels on 2 December 2009: 'Role of regions in implementing European energy R&D activities'.