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Re-engineering of audio-visual productions through distributed co-operative development


The main objective is to improve the business processes in audiovisual SMEs by integrating a platform for the distributed cooperative development of audiovisual productions, enabling close collaboration between customer, producer and subcontractors.

The re-engineering of the business processes will trigger the use of the platform leading to:
1. "Streamlining" of audiovisual productions due to elimination of redundant operations, quality and work flow improvement.
2. Reduce production costs by up to 50% due to reductions in: labour cost, information cost, materials cost, administrative cost, cost of money.
3. Reduce development time by up to 30%: the continuous collaboration between customer, producer and subcontractor will lead to a considerably faster refinement of the storyboard, quicker completion of the production preparation and post production phases.
4. Improve customer orientation while making the rationale behind the production more transparent: the step-by-step collaboration will allow the customer to more accurately to determine the desired outcome and will lead to faster response to his changing needs.
5. Decentralisation of production: the possibility of cooperating closely with distant subcontractors will help the producer company to increase quality while operating in a more cost effective way.
6. Re-use of assets: Given that the project will be based on electronic databases for multimedia assets, the latter will be available for future use.
7. Development of human resources and improved job satisfaction

The project consists of three main phases:
1. During the first phase, an exact formulation and validation of the business objectives of the users and the identification of the scope of the BPR will be developed. The results will be available in the 6th month after the beginning of the project.
2. In a second phase, the implementation of the re-engineering and the introduction of a first pilot system will take place. This first pilot will be tested during the development of a selected audiovisual production. The results of this phase will be available at the end of the 12th month.
3. Finally, in a third phase, the full pilot will be implemented and integrated in the business environments of the users. A set of selected audiovisual productions will be developed using the full pilot system.

An exploitation line will run in parallel with project development. During phase 1 and phase 2, exploitation will focus on positioning project results, taking into consideration competitive developments. During phase 3, exploitation will focus on the effective application of organisational development methodologies in the users, for fully integrating the pilot system, as well as on the commercial exploitation of the results of the project.


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