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Effects of pulse events at different spatial and temporal scales on stream ecosystems


The primary objective of the project is to investigate the effect of spatial and temporal scales on the ecosystem response to flow pulse events. Flooding and drying episodes influence ecosystem dynamics at multiple spatial and temporal scales. Ecosystem processes like nutrient cycles and carbon fluxes are differentially shaped at variable spatial scales by both flood events and droughts. Stream metabolism (primarily gross primary production and ecosystem respiration) will be used to evaluate ecosystem processes.

Better understanding of flood and drought effects on stream and river ecosystem processes and how these processes are affected by the spatial and temporal scales will improve strategies for conservation and restoration as well as redefine and enhance the state of the science in stream and river ecology. With this background, I propose to study the effect of flow pulse events on stream metabolism at different spatial scales within one river system in the Swiss Alps. The project will be carried out at t he Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology (EAWAG, Switzerland), in the Department of Systems Analysis, Integrated Assessment and Modelling and the Department of Limnology.

The submitted project fits in the general objectives and principles of the `Specific Programme: Structuring the European Research Area as it involves a more effective co-operation between the research disciplines (modelling and stream ecology), promotes further co-operation between research and environmental public agencies, reinforces the linkages between European researchers and research centres from associated countries.

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