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Advanced functional nanocomposites by cooperative self assembly


The general aim of this proposal is to develop a systematic study for the understanding and improvement of the processes related to the preparation of hybrid organic-inorganic nanomaterials from self-organizing amphiphilic systems. We will design a strategy for the controlled preparation of hybrid, nanocomposite materials, consisting of organic nanodomains dispersed in an inorganic matrix, using cooperative surfactant self-assembly. The research will be focused on materials for applications, aiming to improve their properties. For this purpose, organic materials with special properties will be incorporated in the inorganic matrix. The project includes the experimental study of the phase behaviour, structure and interactions of surfactant-solvent-inorganic precursor systems. In the next step, organic substances will be added to the systems and their effect on phase behavior and nanostructure will be addressed. Amphiphilic aggregates will be used both as solubilizers and as structure directors. Such a study will help to understand phase separation processes in order to optimize the dispersion of organic compounds in the inorganic matrix, which is of fundamental importance to obtain the desired properties. Sol-gel reactions will be carried out in the presence of organic compounds to obtain hybrid materials. The time-evolution of the systems during reactions will be monitored in order to determine the variables that can be controlled to optimize the process and the final product. The hybrid materials will be obtained in the form of films. In the last stage, the materials will be characterized from the point of view of their structural, optical, and electrical properties, analyzing the effect of parameters such as morphology, size and chemical nature of the nanodomains, their degree of ordering and the type of inorganic matrix, aiming to develop multifunctional products.

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