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String-gauge correspondence as a tool for Nature


The background of this project is the relation between gauge theory and string theory, called the AdS/CFT correspondence. The power of the AdS/CFT correspondence relies on the fact that it represents a tool to describe the behavior of gauge theories, including QCD, in the strong coupling regime, a situation which is in general extremely difficult to analyze. Within this context, one of the main ideas in this project is to use the recently found decoupling limits of the AdS/CFT correspondence (found by T. Harmark and M. Orselli). The importance and advantage of using these decoupling limits is that they provide a decoupled sector of the theory in which the dynamics of gauge theory and string theory greatly simplify. Thus the resulting theory is much less complicated than the full theory but it retains the central features of the full theory. Employing this new technique can yield important progress that goes substantially beyond our current understanding of the following subjects: • The confinement/deconfinement transition in gauge theories. • String theory above the Hagedorn temperature. • A quantum description of black holes. To make progress in each of the subjects listed above is a major undertaking and will require a serious effort to complete. For this reason it is important that the research is carried on in an environment with a broad range of interest and expertise in high energy physics such as the Niels Bohr Institute.

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