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The Dynamics of Colour Revolutions in the Post-Communist World


The proposed research project will probe the significance of the ‘colour revolution’ regime-change process. The term ‘colour revolutions’ is popular shorthand to describe as a single phenomenon a number of non-violent protests that succeeded in overthrowing post-communist authoritarian regimes (e.g. Georgia, 2003; Ukraine, 2004; Kyrgyzstan, 2005). By exploring carefully crafted research questions, the applicant intends to generate a theory of ‘colour revolutions’ that can provide some common points for the changes that have occurred. A large part of the research will be based on in-depth qualitative research employing process tracing techniques. Data will be drawn from a wide range of one-on-one interviews with key actors involved in the colour revolution movements as well as a comprehensive review of relevant literature and analysis of available documentation. During the 36-month re-integration period, over 70% of the time will be spent at Dublin City University (DCU) while three 3-month research trips to the former USSR are envisaged. Research trips would occur as much as possible during vacation time at DCU so as to maximise presence at DCU and utilise essential resources. The primary purpose of these trips will be to collect data and conduct in-depth interviews and the execution of the work will be assisted by a variety of academics, research organisations and universities in the former Soviet Union. Up to 18 seminars are anticipated during this period, in DCU and during the three research trips. Research assistants will be employed throughout, their main tasks being to arrange, translate and transcribe interviews, and to identify and translate relevant native-language data. The project is crafted specifically with a view to fostering ties between DCU and several institutions in the former USSR. The proposal clearly foresees collaboration with research institutes, universities, resource centres and think tanks in several post-soviet countries.

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