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Super-span soil-steel bridge (animal crossing) – backfill and long-term monitoring

Final Report Summary - ARCH-CULV (Super-span soil-steel bridge (animal crossing) - backfill and long-term monitoring)

Brief summary of the main activities carried out during ERG: ARCH-CULV research project:
-Full-scale field test of super-span metal twin arches during backfilling.
Strains and deflections data were acquired on the response of the structure to the soil dead load during backfilling process on the A4 motorway.
-Comparative and verification analyses.
Analyses of the soil-structure system were carried out using Finite Element Method. Proposed calculations characterised by high degree of convergence between experimental and numerical results and better reflect of natural behaviour of flexible structures. Results were presented on international conferences and published in the peer reviewed publications.
-Academic activities
The researcher was involved in academic activities. He prepared and run at the host university the course, which was organised for senior students and it concerning the testing, designing and constructing the soil-steel buried structures and geotechnical issues.
-Cooperation between university and industry.
The researcher could maintain close cooperation with the flexible culvert producer (ViaCon Company) and carried on another full-scale test.
-Addition full-scale field test of super-span single arch during backfilling. Additional, complete, full-scale field test of super-span single arch during backfilling was carried out in the store field of the ViaCon factory in Poland. Installing entire structure was financed by ViaCon Company.