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Baryonic Acoustic Oscilations as a Robust Probe for Dark Energy

Final Report Summary - BAO AND DARK ENERGY (Baryonic Acoustic Oscilations as a Robust Probe for Dark Energy)

Summary of project objectives:
This project sought to find robust ways to constrain the cosmological model using future large- scale structure data sets. In particular, it sought to improve our understanding and modelling of galaxy clustering so that we may develop robust tests of the cosmological model and in particular tests for Dark Energy. The main scientific objectives were:
1. Develop new analytic tools and estimators that enable us to accurately interpret galaxy clustering data. The important systematics to control are: I. the nonlinear evolution of the mass density distribution; II. the nonlinear scale-dependent biasing of galaxies with respect to the mass; III. the nonlinear scale-dependent redshift space distortions.
2. Generate a large ensemble of large volume hi-resolution N-body simulations to rigorously test the advances in our understanding.
3. Develop theoretical and numerical tools to explore the importance of the light-cone effect for large-scale structure tests from future surveys.
4. Understand how large-scale structure tests, such as the BAO signal and shape of the galaxy power spectrum, might also help us to understand the primordial seeds of structure.

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