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Strategic Cooperation between Ukraine, Belarus and EU in Information and Communication Technologies

Project description

International cooperation

EU, Belarus and Ukraine face common ICT R&D opportunities and challenges that create a favourable environment for strategic collaboration. The main aim of SCUBE-ICT is to increase co-operation between ICT researchers from the three regions.
The project will achieve its overall aim via a range of activities: 1. Assessing the ICT collaboration potential for the three regions. This involves production of a "White Paper on ICT R&D in Belarus and Ukraine"; mapping the Belarusian and Ukrainian ICT actors; reporting on opportunities for Bel/Ukr ICT actors in the EU; and reporting on opportunities for EU ICT actors in Bel/Ukr; 2. Organising awareness-raising and training events about the EC's ICT R&D programmes for Bel/Ukr ICT actors. Also, organising networking/partnership events with motivated EU and Bel/Ukr ICT actors to initiate research collaborations between them; 3. Providing advanced support services to competent Bel/Ukr ICT actors to build long-term relationships with key EU counterparts. Central to this will be implementation of Joint Action Plans, which are mini roadmaps describing in detail how to reach research collaboration goals; 4. Enhancing ICT R&D policy dialogue between policy makers and stakeholders from EU and Bel/Ukr ICT communities. ICT R&D Policy Working Groups will be established in Bel/Ukr that meet to discuss co-operation in areas of mutual interest and develop a Road Map towards a Joint Strategy in ICT R&D.
The SCUBE-ICT project's measurable results will include: a. Website and online database with information about 100-150 ICT actors in Bel/Ukr; b. 4 awareness raising/training events in Bel/Ukr concerning FP7 ICT; c. 6 ICT networking events; d. Support to at least 15 Bel/Ukr ICT actors to establish Joint Action Plans with EU actors; e. Support to at least 10 Bel/Ukr ICT actors to make FP7 proposals; f. ICT R&D Policy Working Groups involving EU and Bel/Ukr; and g. Roadmap towards a Joint Strategy in ICT R&D.

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