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Enhancing Research and Development Projects to find Solutions to Struggle against various Marine Pollutions


Today the world and particularly Europe are concerned with pollutions of marine environment, which result in instant and long-term damages to coastal and marine habitats and ecosystems. Unfortunately various recent disasters (e.g. in Alaska), without forgetting all other current sources of pollutions, have proved that the current means of struggle were inefficient. It is thus increasingly urgent to develop new solutions of fight by combining actors' skills from the maritime field. SMEs being the most numerous actors in this one but paradoxically the less solicited in EC research projects focused on environmental topics, the MAPO initiative will provide assistance to them in view of their participation in current technological partnerships (IP/NoE) and in future European RTD projects within the 6th Framework Programme and the next one. So as to achieve this goal this action will address several objectives such as the identification of best practices to facilitate the integration of European SMEs into current and future FP projects, the updating of the current state-of-the-art as well as the establishment of a European cartography of skills in the field of marine pollutions allowing a networking of competencies, the identification of technological needs and research priorities for future RTD projects, and the development of future technological partnerships for last FP6 calls and first FP7 calls. To achieve those objectives, the MAPO consortium gathers partners experienced in information and assistance to SMEs within Framework Programmes (like SME National Contact Points or management consultants), but also in environmental risks and marine pollutions (researchers and technical consultants). MAPO partners come from 10 European countries (Lithuania, Spain, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Ukraine, and Iceland); which enables to cover all European seas, thus improving dissemination throughout Europe, in order to reduce inequalities among maritime regions.

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