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NUclear Reactor Integrated Simulation Project

Final Report Summary - NURISP (NUclear Reactor Integrated Simulation Project)

The target of the NURISP Collaborative Project is to make new and significant steps towards the NURESIM European Reference Simulation Platform. NURESIM is a set of state of the art software devoted to the simulation of normal operation and design basis accidents of light water reactors: BWR, PWR, VVER. This platform currently includes 11 codes (figure 1) covering different physics: neutronics, thermal-hydraulics, fuel thermo-mechanics and relevant scales: local (sub-channel or pin), fuel assembly, core and reactor system. Given their complementary features, the selected codes offer solutions suitable for various situations.
The codes have been extensively benchmarked and validated against experiments during the course of NURISP European collaborative project (2009-2012). A further extension of NURESIM is planned in order to extend its fuel thermo-mechanics capacity, currently limited to LOCA, to other transients and normal operation.
Coupling applications can run simultaneously two codes while exchanging data between them for a more accurate simulation of transients. Up to now, 5 coupling applications have been developed, in particular those involving a sub-channel thermal-hydraulics code and a core simulators. Development of more coupling applications is planned during the three next years.
A SALOME platform: The codes use generic features provided by the SALOME open-source software for pre-processing, post-processing of codes and use of the coupling applications, except those of codes or coupling interfaces which main purpose is not full core or reactor system simulation.
NURESIM includes a comprehensive capability for uncertainty quantification, sensitivity analysis and model calibration provided by the URANIE software. URANIE is designed so it can analyze data provided by all NURESIM codes.

The target of the NURISP Collaborative Project is to make new and significant steps towards the NURESIM European Reference Simulation Platform for applications relevant to present and future PWR and BWR, especially to reactor safety. The roadmap of this Simulation Platform is a part of the Strategic Research Agenda of the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNE-TP). The first step towards this ambitious target has been made during the FP6 NURESIM Integrated Project. The NURISP project started from this basis and develop further the already common and wellproven NURESIM informatics platform based on the SALOME open source tool. It also strengthened and enlarged the united team of top level international experts already federated during the NURESIM project.
The platform must provide a more accurate representation of the physical phenomena by developing and incorporating into “best estimate” codes, better validated and qualified, faster models in core physics, two-phase thermal-hydraulics and fuel codes. The project also intends to develop significant capacities for multiscale and multiphysics calculations, and for deterministic and statistical sensitivity and uncertainty analysis, facilitating their use in a generic environment. It should permit more precise computations, with detailed meshing.
The platform must also provide generic pre-processing and post-processing and supervision functions which will make the codes more user-friendly.

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