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Integrated Chemical synthesis and Screening in patient Cells


The ICSC project is a “Research for SMEs” focused research project that is to develop an integrated high throughput chemical synthesis and cell-based screening platform for the development of efficacious novel drug candidates without the need for chemical nor cell biological infrastructure. The technology will put early drug discovery in the hands of institutions that have a comprehensive knowledge of disease mechanisms and management of patients. The technological core of the ICSC project is a newly developed high-throughput drug discovery technology ChemoCellomics®, which integrates chemical synthesis and high throughput cell-based screening in a polymer-based format. The ChemoCellomics® technology will in the ICSC project be converted to a bench-top technology where optically encoded micro carriers will hold chemical library member and patient cells. The structural identity of the chemical library member is optically encoded in each carrier. It is expected that the ICSC technology will have a major impact on multiple areas within life sciences in particular drug discovery. Early drug screening and development of drug candidates including synthesis of chemical libraries and high throughput cell-based screening have previously been reserved pharmaceutical- and major biotechnology companies with comprehensive chemistry- and cell biological infrastructure. The philosophy behind the development of the ICSC technology is to provide institutions (hospitals, academia and small biotechnology companies) possessing detailed knowledge about disease mechanisms and patient treatment, with a capability to exploit this knowledge in early drug discovery.

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