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Roma Migrations in the United Kingdom


After the beginning of the process of EU accession for countries from Central and Eastern Europe the Roma from this countries started mass migration towards the "rich" West. Some of them asked for asylum, other started illegal or half-legal work, with a tendency for constant establishment in the new places of living. Roma are not a homogeneous community. Their group belonging is the basis of their self-identity. Along with this a feeling of belonging to the civic nation of their home states was formed during the past centuries.

The objective of the proposal is to research the changes which occur among community structure of Roma migrants in United Kingdom as a result of their life in new social and cultural environment; to analyse whether in the new living place a process of creation of new Roma groups started; are there any interrelation between Roma coming from one and the same country or from different countries; what kind of relationships they establish with the other migrants. Special attention will be paid to the local multicultural environment and to the relation of Roma migrants with local Gypsies and Travellers and how all these factors are influencing their ethnic and cultural characteristics. Along with this additional research on Roma, who ret urn to their countries of origin (on the example of Czech and Slovak republics) will be done: how they reintegrate again, whether they continue to try to change their living place and whether new Roma migrations should be expected.

The research will be don e through participant observation and free structured interviews with Roma migrants, as well as with Roma organisations, in which some of them participate, and with the respective state and council services, local governments and NGO's working with them. The success of the research will benefit from training received in host institution in methodology of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and from the experience gained in the European research area.

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