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Uncertainty and Industrial Knowledge Management: A Dynamic Capability Perspective


The future role of European Manufacturing Industry has been extensively debated among policy makers,practitioners and researchers.This debate highlights the importance of researching the management of industrial knowledge in a holistic manner.Knowledge on this topic however is largely fragmented into different research streams that lack integration and coherence.Previous research also lacks a multidisciplinary perspective and therefore falls short of addressing the multifaceted phenomena that occur in indus trial contexts.This project aims to integrate the deferent strands of theory as well as focusing on new challenges.The knowledge-based theory of the firm will be used as a foundation for the framework,around which insights from strategic management,organis ational cognition and innovation management will be integrated.This integrative framework will be further refined and extended through the adoption of in-depth empirical research within a number of manufacturing companies in order to develop an explanatory process theory for managing industrial knowledge under uncertainty.This research will contribute to scientific knowledge by studying the reciprocal interaction between cognitive mechanisms and industrial knowledge development.The project is innovative in that it takes a longitudinal perspective and will adopt multilevel theorizing that will analytically link the strategic level with the practice of innovation and change.The project aims to increase the scientific competency of an experienced researcher by complementing his industrial experience and operations strategy research expertise with knowledge of organisational cognition.Leeds University is an appropriate institution to provide this scientific guidance and training.Its scientific excellence in inter disciplinary skills is well-known and a number of projects currently being developed link management studies with engineering and the expertise of strategic management and organisational cognition.

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