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Next Generation in-vivo imaging platform for post-genome biology and medicine

Final Report Summary - MSOT (Next Generation in-vivo imaging platform for post-genome biology and medicine)

The ERC funded project entitled Multispectral Optoacoustic tomography (MSOT) developed a new optical method, based on optoacoustics, that can detect optical signatures deep in tissues in high resolution and fidelity. The project conducted basic research on aspects of optoacoustic wave propagation, broadband wave behavior and on tomography methods, developed new technology for the illumination of samples and the efficient parallel detection and digitization of optoacoustic signals from multiple projections and developed two experimental arrangements for MSOT macroscopy and mesoscopy. The resulting experimental setups demonstrated unprecedented performance in optical imaging, breaking through the penetration limits of optical microscopy.
MSOT translation to biological measurements, within the project, revealed important virtues of the new method. We were able to optically visualize through entire animals in-vivo, through several centimeters in high resolution. These first insights of optical spectral signatures through tissues offered detection of morphological, physiological, metabolic, biochemical and molecular parameters in cancer, cancer heterogeneity, cardiovascular disease, immune cells, the brain and many other organs and indications, opening new directions for sensing in biological and medical use.

The developed know-how within this project has been commercially translated; with the help of additional funding through iThera Medical GmbH and through a collaboration with Carl Zeiss AG. MSOT systems and technology has been now disseminated to multiple sites around the world.