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Proteomics v3.0: Development, Implementation and Dissemination of a Third Generation Proteomics Technology


Quantitative proteomics is a key technology for the life sciences in general and for systems biology in particular. So far, however, technical limitations have made it impossible to analyze the complete proteome of any species. It is the general goal of this proposal to develop, implement, apply and disseminate a new proteomic strategy that has the potential to generate quantitative proteomic datasets at an unprecedented depth, throughput, accuracy and robustness. Specifically, the new technology will identify and quantify every protein in a proteome. The title of the project Proteomics v3.0 was chosen to indicate the transformation of proteomics into its third phase, after 2D gel electrophoresis and LC-MS/MS based shotgun proteomics. Proteomics v3.0 is based on two sequential steps, emulating the strategy that has been immensely successful in the genomic sciences. In the first step the proteomic space is completely mapped out to generate a proteomic resource that is akin to the genomic sequence database. In the second step rapid and accurate assays will be developed to unambiguously identify and quantify any protein of the respective proteome in a multitude of samples. These assays will be made publicly accessible to support quantitative proteomic studies in the respective species. The strategy will first be implemented and tested in the yeast S. cerevisiae. In a later stage of the project it will be extended to the more complicated human proteome and include the development of assays that also probe the state of modification, splice forms and other types of protein variants generated by a specific open reading frame. Overall, the project will transform quantitative proteomics from a highly specialized technology practiced at a high level in a few laboratories worldwide into a commodity technology accessible, in principle to every group.

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Rudolf Aebersold (Prof.)
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