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Stimulating Ukraine – EU Aeronautics Research Cooperation


Ukraine has a proud heritage in aeronautics dating from the Soviet era. It is one of the few countries in the world to have research, engineering and production capabilities across a wide range of aeronautics technologies. Despite these strengths, the participation of Ukrainian aeronautics actors in the EC’s research framework programmes is very low (e.g. only 4 contracts were won under FP6-AEROSPACE). Consequently, the main aim of AERO-UKRAINE is to facilitate research co-operation between aeronautics actors from the EU and Ukraine. The project will achieve this via a range of activities: 1. Assessing and publicising the aeronautics collaboration potential between the EU and Ukraine. This involves mapping the Ukrainian aeronautics actors; reporting on opportunities for Ukrainian aeronautics actors in the EU; and production of a “White Paper on aeronautics R&D in the Ukraine”; 2. Raising awareness and understanding of EU aeronautics collaborative research. On the one side, this involves organising FP7 aeronautics events in Ukraine that combine awareness-raising, training and networking with EU aeronautics actors. On the other side, it involves Ukrainian aeronautics actors presenting their aeronautics research at aeronautics events in the EU; 3. Supporting participation in FP7 aeronautics research. This involves establishing an FP7 Aeronautics NCP in Ukraine and supporting Ukrainian aeronautics organisations to join consortia preparing FP7 research proposals. AERO-UKRAINE’s measurable results include: a. White Paper on aeronautics R&D in the Ukraine; b. Website and publicly available information about 50+ aeronautics actors in Ukraine; c. Organisation of 2 FP7 aeronautics events in Ukraine; d. Participation in 3 aeronautics events in the EU; e. Establishment of an FP7 Aeronautics NCP in Ukraine; f. Support to 6+ Ukrainian aeronautics actors to join consortia preparing FP7 research proposals; g. Organisation of final dissemination conference in Kiev.

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