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High efficiency hybrid drive trains for small and medium sized marine craft


Marine diesel electric and hybrid drive systems have been used in large ships and submarines for many years but have not yet been successfully transferred to smaller craft, despite claims to the contrary. Numerous attempts have been made, some very recent, but all have been sub optimal and most have failed completely. These failures are due to a lack of underpinning research and of certain key components. The project has the following objectives: Zero emissions to air and zero external noise and vibration in port Reduction of overall fuel consumption by 30%, tending to >90% on applications such as long distance sailing boats using regenerative techniques CO2 reduction of >30% in all “off design point” applications ( boats and small commercial ferries) 50% reduction in HC & NOx The market for small hybrid drive systems is tens of thousands of units and the aggregate social and environmental benefits are substantial. A holistic approach will be taken to total energy consumption and production on board. At the centre of the new system will be a comprehensive energy management module which will supervise and control energy flows in and out of a specially designed battery bank. The NMEA 2000 standard will be developed as necessary for the new data formats. Safety issues will be addressed by developing new ISO standards. The following research, development and validation will be carried out: High efficiency, low speed, torque following propeller Rim drive propulsor using an embedded permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motor and contra rotating blades Load following, dynamic PMDC motor and generator controllers High efficiency DC to DC converters High efficiency AC to high voltage DC multi output battery charger Control algorithms for key components The final deliverables will be a validated hybrid drive system for small craft, a design tool, critical new components including a new propeller, and contributions to NMEA and ISO standards.

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