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Time-triggered architecture

Exploitable results

The time triggered architecture (TTA) is the result of more than 15 years of research on predictable dependable computing systems, maintainable real time systems and multi-level error/fault injection simulation tools. Now the technology has reached a state which makes it attractive for broad industrial use. TTTech offers products and services around the core technology, the time-triggered communication protocols TTP/C and TTP/A. Systems based on these protocols are able to deliver information in real time at unparalleled low cost. In addition, TTP/C is fault-tolerant which guarantees the high degree of dependability that is required for safety-critical applications in a broad variety of embedded systems. The predictability and reliability of the embedded computer control systems are critical for the safety and dependability of aeroplanes, cars and trains. The time-triggered technology supports the construction of fault-tolerant systems which will perform their specified functions even in the presence of faulty or damaged components. In addition to fault-tolerance, the most important advantages over existing event-triggered approaches are composability (also called interoperability), predictable behaviour and ease of testing.