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Monitoring System on the Development of Global Air Transport


The MONITOR proposal has been developed by participants of AERONET, a European Thematic Network and CONSAVE 2050, an accompanying measure successfully completed in 2006 under FP5. It was already submitted in the first call of FP7 under the acronym “EMSAD” (Proposal n° 211418). The work consists of developing a monitoring system that collects, processes and analyses relevant data from the global air transport system. Data collected will include the dimensions economics, environment, demography and technology. The major objective of the MONITOR project is to install a system for permanent monitoring of external and internal key factors of strategic importance for a wide variety of aviation stakeholders. The collection, analysis and dissemination of relevant information is a necessary pre-condition for timely strategic decision making. At the same time, the monitoring should act as a reporting and early warning system and serve by annual workshops as a discussion platform for aviation stakeholders, regulators and scientists to discuss prevailing problems, challenges of aviation and requirements for further research activities. In addition, the project will generate valuable input for scenario modelling and quantification exercises such as ACARE Vision 2020+, EUROCONTROL Long Term Forecast and problem related scenarios (dealing especially with aviation constraints) and contribute to a better understanding of the dynamic nature of developments in air transport in order to improve the economic situation, while taking full account of environmental and social needs. It will contribute to the FP7 research programme with being the basis for better strategic decision making for air transport development, and will help to support and enhance the competitiveness of European aviation industry. MONITOR should serve as a pilot study, establishing such a monitoring mechanism and shall proceed as a permanent activity funded by DLR.

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