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Airport detection and Tracking Of dangerous Materials by passive and active sensors arrays

Periodic Report Summary - ATOM (Airport detection and Tracking Of dangerous Materials by passive and active sensors arrays)

The ATOM architecture has been defined and the deliverable is available to the consortium member on the web intranet. Starting from this document, all technical WPs are in progress with some early results already available and shown to partners during the periodic meetings. The detection and tracking sensors are under studying and the first simulations for data fusion and data management have been run. Also the WP regarding the ATOM network is ongoing. The deliverable about analysis of requirements for data exchange and management will be submitted within the middle of February with some studies on Network requirements and traffic load.

Regarding the non-technical WPs, large attention was given to the ethical issues. The work started with the definition of the guidelines for ATOM consortium and are continuing with the creation of a check list by some ethical experts. This check list will be compiled by all the WP leaders in order to verifying the compliance with the different ethical aspects (health, data management and privacy issues).

Regarding the dissemination and exploitation activity, due to the current situation and attention of media on airport checkpoints issues, ATOM partners decided to disclose only technical information at the moment. However the most relevant activities in this period were the definition of the user group and the upgrading of the web-site with the creation of the user-group workspace and the on-line questionnaire.

ATOM project is expected to provide a new and innovative security system to detect and track dangerous materials inside airports. This is achievable thanks to the different sub-systems that work in different way with different characteristics and performance. An appropriate data fusion and management sub-system allows to better manage all information that become available from the sensors and help the security operators to take an appropriate decision of intervention in case of alarm.

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