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Support Action for Implementation of ERTRAC's Road Transport Research Priorities

Final Report Summary - SAFIER (Support action for implementation of ERTRAC's road transport research priorities)

SAFIER built the strategies for implementing a step-change in the road transport sector - and more widely within the transport and energy sectors - by providing the objective, consensus-based plans for the European Technology Platform European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) since 2002 ERTRAC has been an open forum for all relevant stakeholders in the road transport research. SAFIER provided common agreement on the scenarios for the sectors urban mobility, long-distant transport, road transport safety, environment and energy, global competitiveness and enabling technologies.

The crucial contribution that ERTRAC made towards the establishment of the European Research Area (ERA) and achieving the Lisbon goals addressing the 21st century's key economic, technological, environmental and societal challenges for road transport was continued. SAFIER supported the development of transport specific innovations that deliver step changes into efficiency and cleanness in the next 20 years and beyond. SAFIER led to a radical change in the stimulation of the research and development (R&D) of breakthrough technologies and concepts for transport.

The involvement of all relevant parties considered new approaches and models for implementing the new solutions (both in technology and ways of thinking) that will overcome the key challenges and in particular to address the impact on, and of, climate change and overcoming energy dependency. This included the discussion of topics, such as urban mobility and long distance transport in an integrated way with other transport modes. Industry and public authorities use the outputs of SAFIER to shape their R&D strategies to prioritise on areas of consensus and to coordinate research activities. SAFIER demonstrated to decision makers that action is possible to address the climatic, energy, mobility, safety, and global competitiveness challenges facing Europe.

Project context and objectives:

The concept of the SAFIER project was derived from the mission of the European technology platform ERTRAC, which is to provide the framework to overcome the challenges facing the sector and:

- provide a strategic vision for the road transport sector, with respect to R&D;
- set out strategies and roadmaps to achieve this vision through the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and other associated documents;
- stimulate increased and more effective public and private investment in R&D in the road transport sector;
- contribute to improving cooperation between European Commission (EC), national, regional and private R&D actions on road transport within the ERA;
- enhance networking and clustering of the R&D capacity in Europe;
- promote European commitment to research and technological development (RTD) thus ensuring Europe an attractive location for researchers.

The key objectives were to achieve consensus amongst a broad range on stakeholders represented in ERTRAC and other relevant bodies. These objectives were achieved within the course of the project, communicated to all relevant transport and energy stakeholders, and presented widely at international conferences. Through this activity, SAFIER made a tangible contribution, through the alignment of public and private research activities, towards the step changes / radical technology changes that are urgently needed to address the challenges facing Europe today and in the future.

Project results:

SAFIER focused on the following activities: development and implementation of strategic road transport research priorities, research cooperation, awareness raising and dissemination of results and recommendations. Key deliverables were the following:

ERTRAC road transport scenario 2030+
ERTRAC research and innovation roadmaps covering:

- hybridisation of road transport;
- future light-duty powertrain technologies and fuels;
- European technology and production concept for electric vehicles;
- sustainable freight system for Europe - green, safe and efficient corridors;
- safe road transport;
- towards an integrated urban mobility system;
- road user behaviour and expectations;
- European bus system of the future;
- climate change resilient transport;
- infrastructure for green vehicles;
- heavy duty truck;
- electrification;
- land use and transport interactions;
- joint ERTRAC / European Rail Research Advisory Council (ERRAC) roadmaps on urban mobility.

Mapping of national road transport research activities in Europe

Report about the international cooperation and cooperation strategies

Potential impact:

Overview of the main dissemination activities:

- ERTRAC booth and presentations at transport research arena conferences 2010 in Brussels and 2012 in Athens
- ERTRAC conference 2011 in Brussels
- ERTRAC-EAGAR event in 2010 in Aachen
- SAFIER member contributions with presentations, discussions at more than 30 international events
- Coorganisation of Energy Governance and Capacity Initiative (EGCI) events in Brussels
- ERTRAC website
- Regular distribution of ERTRAC e-newsletters by the ERTRAC office
- Mailing of ERTRAC publications.

Project website: