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innovative Systems for Personalised Aircraft Cabin Environment


"The focus of this proposal is to improve passengers’ comfort and well-being while fulfilling specific human needs in the treated case ""living environment in an airplane"". To address the individual passenger and her/his needs this will be done in the frame of an individual and innovative seat environment. Thus passengers’ choice with regard to comfort will be increased directly. Therefore, iSPACE will provide concepts and step-change technologies in order to reach a revolution in personalised passenger climate control. The overall aim of iSPACE is to provide aircraft manufacturers and suppliers with know how and innovations to address the individualisation of the cabin environment. This will ultimately provide a step-change in passenger comfort during flight. Furthermore, validated tools for the simulation of individualised cabin environment will be developed. The scientific and technological objectives of iSPACE are to: Develop concepts for individualisation of passenger cabin environment and prove its general feasibility. Develop and prove emerging step-change technologies for individualisation of passenger cabin environment. Provide simulation tools for individualised cabin environment and give recommendations for existing and future commercial aircraft. iSPACE is in line with former projects funded by the EC which investigated the cabin environment with a philosophy on human centred design. So far most of these projects did investigate the current status (HEACE) and/or studied the impact of environmental parameters on the human perception of cabin comfort (FACE, ICE). Recommendations for future technological developments are on the way to be set (ICE). Thus only fields of development have been explored and problems have been identified. One way of addressing these problems technologically is the individualisation of cabin environment. iSPACE follows this track and pushes the vision of individualisation of passenger cabin environment and comfort into reality."

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