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Supporting the ERA-NET Learning Platform by creating a toolbox for the ERA-NET community


The ERA-LEARN action will support the urgently needed learning process by generating tools that will be made available to the whole ERA-NET community. The consortium members are themselves fully involved in this funding instrument, being partners in 66% of all ERA-NETs. Thus, this consortium is well qualified to tackle this challenge. Based on a comprehensive analysis of existing and already validated procedures ERA-LEARN will facilitate the identification of recommended tools that are suitable for a broad use. In particular, ERA-LEARN will • facilitate mutual learning among ERA-NETs • provide guidance in aligning and harmonising the structures and procedures needed for efficient and simplified joint call implementation and selection of proposals, with a view to the development of a common framework for these activities • provide guidance in choosing the most appropriate funding mode • provide guidance in taking strategic decisions on which existing ERA-NETs to join and which new ERA-NETs to establish, thereby enabling optimum use of resources and instruments • facilitate a structure for monitoring the long-term evolution of the ERA-NET scheme, helping to create a durable interaction between funding programmes Eventually, the outcome will be a limited set of well accepted and therefore widely used guidelines, serving as a helpful reference and easily accessible library. The ERA-NET community will be enabled to select the most appropriate methods for specific situations.

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