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The process of professionalization in European science, 1789-1850


The modern science was born in Europe at the beginning of the seventeenth century, but it was not until the middle of the nineteenth century that the scientific research became “professionalized” as we know it today. Such a process of “professionalization” was a milestone in the development of the European intellectual heritage and made Europe the world leader in the production of knowledge. Its comprehension might offer new hints and suggestions for drawing the future of Europe as leading the growth of knowledge. The project aims to investigate such a complex process taking into account both the historical context and the role of new episthemic, methodological, and axiological ideas developed by scientists around 1800. The collaboration with the CNRS Institut des Text et Manuscrits Modernes (ITEM) in Paris is crucial for the project and stimulating the growth of complementary competences of the Researcher. The ITEM has developed methodologies in order to follow the genesis of concepts from textual sources. Recently the ITEM has applied such methodologies and tools to the history of science, and this project can strengthen and enlarge such an application. Besides, the ITEM has recently elaborated information technology tools which are devoted to the electronic treatment and presentation of the textual sources. Such tools will contribute to reinforce impact and visibility of the project’s results. Pursuing the project in such an innovative way will have a significant impact on both our understanding of the process of professionalization in science and the scientific career of the Researcher.

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