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Toward new polymeric materials by metal-mediated controlled radical polymerization


Controlled radical polymerization has revolutionized polymer research and has already started to revolutionize the polymer industry as previously unthinkable and complex polymer architectures are becoming available. However, access to a wider variety of polymer material is limited by the inability (so far) to control the radical polymerization of nucleophilic monomers. The host team is a world leader in the understanding and application of transition metal one-electron processes (homolytic bond breaking, atom transfer) to controlled radical polymerization and has recently obtained an important breakthrough in this area, by showing how the strength of metal-carbon bonds in organometallic complexes can be tuned to control the polymerization of vinyl acetate by the organometallic radical polymerization (OMRP) mechanism. The post-doctoral candidate has received outstanding training in precision polymer synthesis by ATRP from one of the leading polymer groups in Korea, and he has also familiarity with simple coordination compounds of a few metals commonly used for ATRP. Thus, he has the perfect background to give a strong contribution to this area. This fellowship represents an opportunity for the researcher to receive high quality training in the research area that is not yet highly developed in his own Country (China). Therefore, the training experience and the acquired know-how will be most valuable for a future reintegration of the researcher in his own Country either in an academic or in an industrial environment and for the development of a fruitful continuing collaboration with the host group.

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MC-IIF - International Incoming Fellowships (IIF)


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