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Content archived on 2024-06-20

A Novel Optical Fibre Based Distributed Radiation Sensor System


The development of a novel fibre optic based long distance, high resolution distributed radiation sensor and interrogation system is proposed. The distributed sensing element will be implemented utilising a combination of novel micro-structured holey optic al fibre and phosphor technologies.

The new type of compact radiation sensor can be applied to a number of measurement applications and as such defines a platform technology capable of been applied to multidisciplinary sensing environments ranging from distributed environmental radiation monitoring, to offering more precise medical applications such as enhanced beam delivery for radiation therapy to improve the precision of clinical dosimetry techniques.

The sensor design overcomes current limitations experienced with existing dosimetric and instantaneous radiation sensor technology. Photonic Modeling of both the fibre type and associated sensor designs is one of the main themes of the research, leading to both the development of an expert knowledge in, and research conducted at the leading edge of the subject area, resulting in the creation of effective models, thus the enhancing the design process for a series of advanced integrated optical sensors.

It is well established that the output signals from such optical fibre sensor systems are often complex in nature due to their susceptibility to a number of interfering parameters and cross-coupling of signals (e.g. attenuation due to bending). A novel interrogation approach has also been conceived in order to successfully address the sensor.

Artificial Neural Network pattern recognition techniques will be implemented to resolve the resulting complex signals and problems arising from any cross-sensitivity, and a key element of the proposal will be the further development of advance signal processing methods used in the gathering, manipulation and interpretation of information from the novel sensors which can be applied to future instrumental sensing techniques.

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