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Content archived on 2024-05-29

High Internal Phase Emulsion Research to Drive New Developments in Household Detergency


The HIPERDRIVE project fits in the P&G corporate objective to contribute to improving the lives of consumers world-wide and keeping responsibility to environmental quality.

The objective of the HIPERDRIVE is to provide a promising researcher the opportunity to be trained in a multinational corporate environment while performing a challenging and original research assignment in the field of High Internal Phase Emulsion (HIPE) formulation technology and manufacturing of Household liquid detergents (HDLs).

Production of more efficient products containing better cleaning chemistry and fewer unnecessary ingredients will lead to better use of chemistry. This means lower dosage and therefore a saving for the environment in terms of discharged chemicals and lower production and shipping costs.

The HIPERDRIVE project claims the formulation of HDLs that combine incompatible ingredients, such as enzymes and bleaches, via water-in-oil HIPE systems based. High Internal Phase Emulsions can be formulated with a large amount of the internal phase, aqueous phase, volume fraction (as large as 0.99) and very low surfactant concentration (as low as 0.5% w/w). Future business applications of such technology in liquid detergents would reduce environmental impact while increasing effectiveness of detergent products.

In order to achieve the aims of the HIPERDRIVE project, the working plan has been divided in two steps. During the first-year project, a fundamental study will be carried out to identify the system ingredients, to study the influence of system compounds on the interfacial/rheology properties and their effect on HIPE formation, to study the transport phenomena of critical ingredients across interfaces and to prepare and optimisate the formulation.

During the second-year project, an applied study of the formulation will be performed, which will include realistic laundry performance testing, stability studies and scale-up.

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