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String theory


Recently a new class of three dimensional N=8 and N=6 superconformal theory has been discovered. These theories are defined by a classical action and have a (discrete) parameter k that can serve as a coupling constant. Taking k large (coupling small) one can use perturbation Feynman diagram techniques. The theory for k=1 is particularly interesting as it is conjectured to be the N=8 theory living on coincident M2 branes (membranes). Membranes are extended objects in M-theory, and some believe these could be the defining objects of M-theory, much like strings are defining objects of perturbative string theory. This connection between strings and membranes could be interesting to study more and could shed light on M-theory itself. In the nearest future my research will focus on these newly discovered superconformal theories from various viewpoints.

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Institute of Plasma Physics
71003 Heraklion
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Anastasios Christou Petkou (Prof.)