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Optically tuneable supramolecular field-effect transistors


OPTSUFET aims at enabling cross-disciplinary training and research at the interface between Supramolecular Chemistry, Materials-/Nano-Science, Physics and Electrical Engineering. The overall goal of OPTSUFET is to generate new scientific and technological knowledge by combining supramolecularly engineered nanostructured materials (SENMs), mostly based on organic semiconductors, with tailor-made interfaces incorporating photochemically switchable self-assembled monolayers on substrates and electrodes, for fabricating prototypes of optically tuneable two- (supramolecular wires) and three-terminal devices (field-effect transistors). The training and research objectives of OPTSUFET are: 1. Surface texturing with photoswitchable SAMs: derivatization of electrically conductive/insulating solid substrates and metallic nanostructures with azobenzene SAMs to optically modulate the charge injection at the metal-SENM and dielectric-SENM interface. By controlling the interface chemistry it will allow the tuning of the self-assembly of electroactive molecules at surfaces into pre-programmed supramolecular assemblies. 2. Hierarchical self-organization on textured surface of multifunctional SENMs based on electrically active functionalized carbon-based 1D and 2D nano-objects such as n- and p-type rod-like and discotics (oligo-thiophenes, perylenediimides, hexabenzocoronenes, etc) at surfaces on the functionalized substrates. 3. Nanochemistry and nanoprobes: Scanning probes (AFM, STM, KPFM, C-AFM) quantitative time and space resolved characterization of various physico chemical properties of SENMs, in particular correlation between structural and electronic properties. 4. Fabrication of photoswitchable supramolecular wires and transistors: Measurement of charge mobility, under photochemical modulation, in SENMs two- and three-terminal devices varying systematically the wire’s (1) chemical composition, (2) conformation, (3) length and (4) doping.

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67081 Strasbourg

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Laurence Petin-Monteil (Ms.)
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