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Content archived on 2024-06-18

Development and investigation of intraocular lenses on the basis of the diffraction optical elements


Within the scope of this project the experimental and theoretical basis for new generation of intraocular lenses (IOL), based on diffractive optical elements, will be investigated. Two aspects of the project will attract most attention: the optimization of the diffractive IOLs can be achieved by adaptation of the modern computational methods, developed for application in micro-optics, and also the application of the newest laser technologies of formation of the given microrelief of a solid-state surface. By the nature of the light diffraction, characteristic light intensity distribution after passage through the microstructured optical surface is determined in great extent by the concrete micro-relief of the given surface. Usually the quality of diffractive IOL is limited by the minimal characteristic size of surface structures. In the frame of this project, a novel laser technologies, as UV-laser writing and two-photon laser polymerization, will be applied for the reduction of characteristic sizes of the structured optical surface. The process will be investigated theoretically and experimentally in order to optimize the quality of the fabricated samples of intraocular lenses. Specially designed diffractive micro-relief will be applied for the formation of three-focal IOLs with improved distribution of light intensity, resulting in clear and sharp vision at near, intermediate and far distances. The designed lenses will be optimized for reducing of undesirable glares and haloes, typical for standard IOLs.

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Holger Beckmann
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